I am no Einstein and i will never claim to be Einstien, but like Einstein, I am a man who believes in the truth, a man who believes in facts and seeing the evidence at hand, rather then taking the word of people, who know the truth, but continue to lie and deceive you. 

Seeing the chaos and destruction going on in America, seeing the disrespect that has been shown to America and the American people, but also losing my mom, having a heart attack at 40 and now living with a mechanical ticker, has inspired me to write this book to talk about, what no ones wants to talk about, which is, who is really responsible for all the destruction of America, because seriously, America, seriously!

In todays brave and dumbfounded new world, people need to step up, because people need to learn to get rid of the trash that is holding them back, because “Learning to ignore certain habitual people, is one of the great paths to life, because life gets easier when you delete those who make it difficult”.

“History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It’s not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us.”

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