The Creative Mind & The Design Process! (E-Book Download)

With the help of this easy to read e-book, I'll take you step by step through the complicated Process of Design, but we also discuss how you can use you Creative Mind to your advantage, so you can easily manipulate any image or text. With knowledge comes power and with this e-book, you learn the definition of that very meaning....

The Creative Mind & The Design Process! (Printed Book Version)

Are you a fan of having something in front of you to read? Don't feel bad a lot of people are, and that's why I am offering a 110 page Printed Version of the e-Book, that you can take with you any where and everywhere, but also read and enjoy at your convenience..

The Creative Mind & The Design Process, was created to help you better understand the Design Process, but also how you can use your Creative Mind to your advantage, when it comes to designing and creating your masterpiece. 

There are always questions about how the Process of Design works, but also what actually goes into the Process of Design, so I put together this al in one e-book, that helps guide you along the way.

With the help of this e-book, I’ll take you step by step through the process of design, but we will also discuss in detail how you can use your Creative Mind to your advantage, not only how to use it, but also how Photoshop can make your design’s easier and more elegant. 

Knowledge is power and with this book you can learn to better understand the basic principal’s that goes into the Process of Design, how you can easily manipulate images, color and even text, to make your designs stand out, by easily adding depth, interest and appeal.

The Design Process & What goes into it —

Learning this process helps you expand your creativity and add to your ability. We will also dive into the main principals of design and the elements and attributes that comes into play with each one.

The Basics Of Photoshop — 

Here we take a look at Photoshop and it’s incredible elements, effects and tools available to us. We dive in a little about the basics of Photoshop so you can get an easier understanding of what your working with.

The Creative Mind At Work —

A view into the creative mind at work. Before we dive in, we take a look at some creative thinking and what to think about when your designing.

Learning The Basics — 

Here we’ll talk about the learning process a little, and where you can start. Learn what you can use to help you learn new techniques and lessons, but also new ways to mix and match elements.

The Tools Of The Trade — 

We simplify that objective in the design process and take you through some of the amazing tools that Photoshop provides. We’ll discuss Photo Editing and Color in Photoshop and how each can play a pivotal role.

Images of The World — 

Images can be a tricky thing. In this chapter we discuss all about images, where to find them and which ones to use. We also discuss Image Placement and using space wisely; so your creative design has symmetry and balance.

21 Awesome Tips —

Last but not least, I give you an ultimate compilation of 21 awesome tip’s, that are created to give you an edge over your creative side, but also how you can make sure you are using your Creative Mind when you are creating your masterpiece. Learn some of these tips and I promise you, it will make your life a little easier. 

Reference Guide Included —

This is an awesome 110 Page e-book that helps you learn about The Design Process, through a different approach. Learn the basic’s to the design design with this easy to read and easy to understand e-book. 

I also have provided a nice little 3 page reference guide for you to explore different tutorial websites, plenty of different font websites and more, so you can use this excellent reference guide to creating your next masterpiece. 

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