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I recently had a heart attack at the age of 40 and thanks to this heart attack, I found out that I have a rare heart condition, which should have killed me years ago. Due to this rare condition the valve itself was not repairable and therefore needed to be replaced with an all new mechanical valve. 

Thanks to the doctor who saved my life, I am once again able to breath, but I now have a mechanical ticker, which sounds just like a ticking clock, when you are sitting in silence. I think this experience has enlightened me in many ways and now I aim to talk about what everyone else is too afraid to talk about. Common Sense and Common Knowledge. 

I also like talking about what other people are to scared to talk about. I am not one that is afraid to speak my mind, nor am I afraid of these people trying to cancel everything or the ones that are trying to keep people from speaking about certain situations we now face in this crazy cynical world. 


—  Author & gRAPHIC designer  —


Joshua Grant

self-published Author

I wrote my first e-book because, I was tired of reading the same old design books and thought why not bring people a new way to think about the art of design. With my new book, “Because, Seriously America, Seriously!”, I totally went with another genre all together and my new book talks about what’s going on in America and how the America we live in now, is not the America we once loved.  

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web designer & developer

I have been in the Graphic & Web Design field for over 20 years, working along side top professionals to create some of the most amazing websites and graphics. This experience is what I used to write the new e-book, “The Creative Mind and The Design Process”. Since I am always learning new techniques, this allows me to think of new perspectives and create new ideas. 

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